Work to Wickes London

'Work to Wickes', 2014. Installation: building sand. Dimensions variable. Photography: Charlotte Cooke.
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Timothy Holt is a Social Artist, Director, Curator, UC, UI and UX Designer living and working in Surrey and London, England. He works primarily in sculpture and installation art, appropriating consumer objects to question where and how they function in society. He places his knowledge of directing, curating, UC, UI and UI designing into his passion of the arts.

Holt takes so-called 'purpose designed' domestic appliances and objects and subjects them to a playful reimagining, recognising and manipulating objects' functionalities to embellish our experience of the 'everyday'.

Through public interaction audiences are reminded of discrete artistic historical approaches, including minimalism, abstract expressionism and the ready-made, whilst toying with grandiose polemics that accompany these modes with sardonic humour. This demystifying and satirical approach is underpinned by a well-honed aesthetic and considered approach to art making.

Bags for Life Bristol

'Bags for Life', 2015. Installation: disposable bags, bag less vacuum cleaners, cable ties. Dimensions variable. Bag less vacuum cleaner: 8 x 29 x 29 cm / 3 5/32 x 11 27/64 x 11 27/64 in each. Photography: Charlotte Cooke.
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Holt's work responds to contemporary objects in a coltish and yet carefully constructed methodical manner. Whilst retaining the original function of the object, Holt physically intervenes to begin a visual enquiry into cultural systems and consumer dialogues. His simple use of aesthetics creates poetic associations and connections between commercial objects, whilst questioning the temporary and obsolescence of consumer products. His means of obsessive stripping each object of imagery enhances a minimal and ambiguous appearance frequently referencing methods of design. This supports the idea of mass production, and references the popular culture of 1960s minimalism.

The works on show closely resemble the manufacturing line, questioning the boundaries between art and object, manufacture and creation, and functionality and personality.

The objects find new life in their new forms originally designed for human use; they invite interaction through sound, tactile and motion. They also invite questions around artefact, interface, and objectification perception of the everyday and the traces of human endeavour.

Holt is the CEO and Director of the art company Youbrella Limited; curating pop up art exhibitions across the country. In these pop up exhibitions, Holt uses his knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Notepad, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and CAD to create interactive experiences. He intends to expand his interactive experiences to larger audiences in the future.